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Bid for aggregate companies of the “Catering and innovation” trade

Bid for aggregate companies of the “Catering and innovation” trade

Veneto Region, with Resolution of the Regional Council n. 623 14th of May 2019 published in Bur n. 50 of 17/05/2019, approved the bid for contributions to aggregate enterprises in the trade sector provided by the ERDF POR 2014-2020 – Axis 3 Action 3.1.1 “Aid for investments in machinery, plant and intangible assets, and accompaniment to business reorganisation and restructuring processes” Sub-action B) “Commerce Sector”.

With this bid, the Region intends to relaunch the propensity to invest of the production system in the fields of commerce, administration and services, through aggregate forms of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that develop a common strategic project, aimed to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of commercial enterprises, the innovation of commercial supply systems, the enhancement and promotion of commercial excellence, local food and wine and history.

Our restaurant has expressed an interest to participating in this project and in July 2019 a partnership agreement was signed with three other restaurants in Bassano city district, identifying our company as the Lead Partner of the Partnership, with the task of complying with the procedural obligations established by the bid for the submission of the application and for the possible allocation of the contribution , as well as the obligations of transmission of the documentation to Veneto Region, responsible for the management of the formal investigation, reporting and disbursement phases of the measure.

In December 2019 came the communication from Veneto Region that our restaurant has been admitted to the contribution referred in the bid in question. In particular, we have chosen to invest in works such as the refurbishment and supply of external gazebo towels, as shown in the attached photo, and the purchase of new tables and chairs for our internal rooms.

Unfortunately, like all economic activities, the development of the project was part of an emergency context a few months after the start of activities and throughout 2020, in reference to the COVID-19 health emergency. However, the group maintained the investment commitment, and managed, despite the limitations and difficulties of the period, to complete them.


We are therefore waiting for you at our restaurant to taste our dishes in the large outdoor park, properly structured, in total relax and safe context.


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