Easter’s menu

Easter’s menu

Easter 2020

Sunday April, 12 2020

Lunch Menuo

Smoked morganello with sweet and sour vegetable compote flavored with basil
White asparagus of Bassano dop and Asiago speck tartlet on delicate fondue

First courses
Carnaroli risotto with bruscandoli and agretto creamed with pannarello cheese
Gargati with white Bassano asparagus dop and bacon

Main courses
Turkey breast stuffed with bruscandoli and carletti with asparagus sauce
Seasonal fried vegetables

Sliced grilled basaninaa beef selection
New potatoes with spring aromatic herbs

Easter cake
Selezione vini doc

At the exit giant Easter egg, focaccia with hot chocolate, homemade biscuits
Coffee corner, sweet and digestive wines from Pioppeto

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